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to the home of the Motor City Whist Mechanics.

We invite you to bring your whist game to our garage. If you play with a Kitty, No-kitty, or Straight we can accommodate you.

If your game is new, used, foreign, or domestic -- it doesn't matter we are full service.

Push it, Pull it, or Carry it in --  WE CAN FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!

League Standings - Week 10 - Tuesday May 16, 2017
2nd Annual Detroit Open Invitational Tournament
Motor City Whist Mechanics Tuesday Night Bid Whist League
Fall 2016 Final Standings
2nd Place
Kitty & the Big Joker
Kitty & Geoff
1st Place
Clean Sweep
Hawk & Rhonda
3rd Place
Soopa Frienz
Kelli & Shari
4th Place
Soopa Frienz
Kelli & Shari
5th Place
Partners in Crime
JB & Yogi
6th Place
One & Done
John Bell & Rikita(not pictured)
7th Place
Natural Born Bidders
Dianne & Tim
1st Place Regular Season
Denise & Allen (not pictured)
8th Place
Denise & Allen (not pictured)
1st Tier Winner-Take-All
Doing Justice
Jeralyn & Dwain
Rookie of the Year
Charlotte Jones

2nd Tier Winner-Take-All
It Doesn't Matter
Ann & Pat(not pictured)
Boston Tea Party Winners
Kitty & the BigJoker
Kitty & Geoff
  Boston Tea Party Winners
Doing Justice
Jeralyn & Dwain

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